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Our class schedules are dynamic and can fill rapidly. In order to give you the best service, please send an email to Russ@ExcelProTrainer.com to find our latest availability or get placed on a waiting list. Have friends that need to upgrade their skills too? We offer discounts for booking together!

Click Here for our upcoming course calendar or read below to find out what class best meets your needs. Have specific questions or want to discuss a custom class to get your team up to speed fast? No problem, just reach out and start the conversation!

Deep Dive Short Courses:

Now filling classes for deep dive short courses – intense classes on a single topic designed to improve your efficiency and depth of knowledge for a fast ROI without a big investment of time or money. 

Introduction to Formulas:   Learn how to create, troubleshoot, refine, and reverse engineer formulas in Excel.  2 hour class, $149

Excel Lookups and Pivots:  A deep dive into vlookup, hlookup, xlookup and pivot tables and how they work together.  Learn the basics and pitfalls as you transform raw data into meaningful knowledge.  3 hour class, $199

Excel Power User Tips and Shortcuts:  Tips, tricks, and shortcuts that dramatically improve your efficiency in Excel.  2 hour class, $149

6 Hour Classes:

Excel 1: Basics – Excel basics for beginners and self taught users. Topics: Terminology, data entry shortcuts, formatting cells, rows, columns, and sheets, filtering, sorting, creating formulas. 6 hour class, $399.

Excel 2:Creating and Editing Formulas – Excel formulas for managing by the numbers. Creating, copying, and troubleshooting formulas and functions across multiple sheets and workbooks. Relative and absolute references, introduction to functions. 6 hour class, $399.

Excel 3: Charting and Functions – Advanced functions and charting. Organizing data for graphing, creating and modifying chart components, charting tricks and tips. Inserting functions – lookups, database, statistical, and financial functions. Nesting functions and troubleshooting complex formulas. 6 hour class, $399.

Excel 4: Working with Large Data Sets and Pivot Tables – Creating Pivot tables for managing by the numbers. Creating pivot tables, applying filters, sorting and summarizing data, updating data sources, adding to data models. 6 hour class, $399.

All classes come with satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. 

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